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How do you get from “We should be doing that” to “We’ve implemented that” — especially with something as crucial as test security? Your exam program’s value is no small thing. Those who earn your credential demonstrate a commitment to the highest professional standards. Preserving that value while maintaining candidate trust and protecting your reputation means understanding and skillfully navigating security risks. But how do you plan for the unknown?

Start by working with us, the market leader in securing exam programs. From the creation of your first test question, through proctoring, and until the final scores are issued, we stay actively engaged in protecting your program. We do that by pairing advanced technology with the industry’s largest security team to safeguard your complete testing landscape. We’ll help you identify the biggest threats, then develop a strategy to fight them — so you can breathe easier, knowing we’re right beside you.

Invest in end-to-end exam protection

These days, the greatest threats to exam integrity are cheating, proxy testing, and item harvesting. And because these practices will evolve, we’ll make sure your security plans do too. We look at your entire exam lifecycle, because we know a strategy that leaves a few stones unturned won’t get the job done. Instead, we combine advanced technologies and human expertise to help you place intelligence-driven protections across all facets of your testing program.

 Active intelligence

We are actively engaged in protecting your exam program, employing a robust set of tools, technology, and expertise to recognize dynamic threats and mitigate their impact before they reach you. This intelligence-driven approach to the ever-evolving test security landscape means you can rest easy.

 Content protection

  • Protect test content during item development
  • Embed security strategies directly into your content design
  • Use best-in-class content publishing tools
  • Maintain privacy of sensitive personal data

 Cyber defense

  • Identify threats, mitigate risks, and preserve your program’s value
  • Detect irregularities through continuous system monitoring
  • Encrypt and audit assets with proprietary exam delivery software
  • Proactively detect and prevent misconduct before and during exams
  • Investigate and reconstruct fraudulent incidents to take corrective action

 Delivery security

  • Experience the highest level of security at Pearson-owned Professional Centers
  • Enjoy enhanced security protocols in Pearson VUE Authorized Test Centers
  • Encrypt and audit assets with proprietary exam delivery software
  • Audit online test-taker behavior in real time with live proctors and AI
  • Monitor process compliance across delivery methods, through “secret shopper” programs

 Identity assurance

  • Ensure the test-taker is the registrant who will receive the score
  • Enforce stringent identity confirmation protocols, including digital photo, signature capture, and palm-vein scanning
  • Administer your program’s authorization and retake rules
  • Pursue proxy testers and previous violators with vigor

Develop a plan with our Secure Testing Framework™.

Your testing program was built with integrity. To preserve that integrity, you need a cohesive approach to security that considers every potential threat. Using our proven Secure Testing Framework, together we’ll develop a plan that integrates security into every element of exam development and delivery.

Using a 360-degree coverage model, we work to proactively detect and prevent misconduct before and during exams. On the rare occasions when someone successfully commits a fraudulent act, our investigative response team meticulously reconstructs what occurred to ensure appropriate action can be taken.

The Secure Testing Framework™ graphical representation

We prevent, detect, respond, and plan in the areas of risk management, delivery strategy, candidate experience, and test design for customer protection.

Protect exam content with smart publishing and delivery tools.

No matter what type of testing you do — Linear, CAT, or LOFT — or how often you publish content, our security measures preserve your exam content throughout its lifecycle. With our ExamDeveloper tool, your team can develop content collaboratively and securely. And rest assured: our certified proctors and thorough screening processes keep test delivery secure, extending the life of your exam content.

Verify identities with leading technology.

Confirming test-taker identities is about more than the test itself. It’s about protecting your industry and community through the value of your credential. That’s why we painstakingly verify the identity of every person who sits for an exam. Not only do we compare photo IDs and digital signatures in real time and against previous tests, but we can also use palm-vein biometric screening — unique to Pearson VUE — a non-invasive and highly accurate measure of identity. Whether your exam is delivered in a test center or through OnVUE, we use the latest identity management technology to ensure your candidates are who they say they are.

Defend your data with expert cyber defenses.

Exam security is at the heart of every business decision we make. Those decisions are led by our dedicated and expansive team of cybersecurity experts, test security professionals, and special investigators. With more than 100 years of combined experience in test security, these seasoned professionals adhere to global security and privacy standards, using robust data analytics and forensics to safeguard your program.


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