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Your program is unique. Whether you’re creating an exam from scratch or seeking to enhance your existing content, we can work with you to develop a fair, valid, reliable, and legally defensible certification or licensure exam.

Accurately measuring your candidates’ extensive knowledge base and real-life skills and abilities helps to maintain high standards in your industry, which is why we integrate our experienced content development team with your in-house experts to create a world-class exam.

It all starts with test design

Follow the steps below to start thinking about the test design that’s right for your program.

  • Develop a
    test blueprint
  • What type of test do you want to use?
  • What existing materials do you have, such as a learning syllabus?
  • What knowledge, skills, and abilities should be assessed?
  • Don’t know what to test? Consider completing a job task analysis.
  • Select an
    administration model
  • How often do you want to deliver your exam?
  • How can you protect your content by limiting item exposure?
  • Have you considered different test administration strategies, like adaptive or pool-based testing?
  • When do you want candidates to receive their results?
  • Find the
    right item formats
  • What item types will best assess the knowledge and skills of your candidates?
  • Have you completed an item writing workshop with our team?
  • Have you considered innovative item types, like animated scenarios?
  • Do you want to test the real-life, in-app skills of your candidates through performance-based testing?

Create high-performing content

Your test content is your most valuable asset. Maximize the potential of your exam by choosing the service model that’s right for your program.

We’ll handle it for you:

If you have limited resources, we offer a full-service model in which we recruit and manage item writers and reviewers on your behalf. Rest assured: your exam is in good hands.

Let’s join forces:

Our psychometricians will work closely with your subject matter experts in item writing and review workshops to develop your exam. It’s the best of worlds: your team and ours.

You lead the way:

Our ExamDeveloper platform (Opens in new window, Adobe Acrobat required to view PDF) puts the power in your hands. Collaborate remotely with your subject matter experts to write, review, and validate your test items, helping you increase productivity and maximize cost savings while securely maintaining your test items.

Prioritize exam content security

Building and maintaining a test is a lot of work, so protecting your exam program is paramount to everything we do.
Learn more about our content security strategy.

Publish with confidence

No matter who develops the exam content, its transformation from words on a page to an accurate and functioning exam is the responsibility of our industry-leading test publishing team. Our experts in feasibility, navigation, technical coding, and troubleshooting work together to ensure that your exam displays and behaves as intended.

With diverse industry expertise, our teams are dedicated to your program’s success. From the day we help you develop your content to the moment we launch your exam, we immerse ourselves in your program because we understand that it’s not just any exam. It’s your exam.

The power of data-driven analysis and measurement

It’s not enough to develop strong exam content. A successful computer-based testing program must continue to evaluate their test design and analyze the performance of the exam to see that it correctly measures exam objectives. To that end, test development is a continual effort, requiring attention and care to ensure the exam — and the data it produces — maintain your industry’s standards.

Using our state-of-the-art analytical processes and tools, Pearson VUE’s psychometric team can meet your test and item analysis requirements, giving you peace of mind about the validity of your exam. Our psychometricians can regularly review the performance of your items, tests, and item banks and report on their performance.

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